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2022 Opening Day: Monday, September 12th
2022 Season Ends: Monday, October 31st

Enjoy The Pumpkin Patch!


The sprawling Pumpkin Playground is just what kids love! To run and play and just enjoy, well, being kids. And who doesn’t love seeing those smiling, happy faces! At the Roth Pumpkin Patch, we love seeing memories made and families and friends spending some much-needed, quality time together. From fun rides & slides to farmyard friends, pumpkins, and yummy food, we hope your family creates a whole lot of unforgettable memories at the Pumpkin Patch!

All in the Family

We are a family of farmers from Morton, IL with roots tracing as far back as 5 generations. In 2006, we began selling excellent produce to loved ones, friends, and neighbors via our retail store put up by Nic Roth. Starting out with only 5 acres of land, the farm has since expanded to cover more than 150 acres dedicated to a variety of vegetable crops and fruits.  

Find fresh produce available at our farm stand which is grown on our Morton farm. 

Family Roots

The Roth Family is a multi-generational farming family which weaves through five generations. In 2006, son Nic Roth started growing vegetables and fruit on just five acres. Over the years, his business, Roth Countryside Produce, has flourished and a Morton retail location on Detroit St. was also added. Roth Countryside Produce now grows on more than 150 acres and is dedicated to a variety of vegetable crops and fruits – including, of course, pumpkins! Get your own farm-fresh pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch!

The Roth Pumpkin Patch is located at 1811 W. Jefferson St. The Pumpkin Patch opens in early September and runs through October. 

Come on over to Roth Pumpkin Patch and have some fun with us. Contact us today to make reservations. Call us at 309-242-5893 for inquiries